148/365- Blythes- Simply Guava and Simply Mango

My blythe simply twins from HobbyLinkJapan arrived yesterday. The Simply line of dolls seems to be taking place of the Primadolly line (except for the limiteds Primadolly Paris etc.) which are supposed to be the more reasonably priced dolls that come with less stuff and are supposed to be ideal for customizing. There has been some debate in the blythe community whether these dolls were made to satiate the masses’ lust for the limited blythes Primadolly Marigold and Primadolly Peony.
I love blythes with fantasy hair so of course as soon as they were announced I knew I would have to get them at some point as they were too awesome of releases to pass over. I am picky about what blythes get to join the family and even pickier about which blythes get to stay long term (I have rehomed 10 blythes).
Simply Guava and Mango
For those unfamiliar with blythe and for reference’s sake Simply Mango is the one with orange hair and Simply Guava has pink hair.
Radical and Tangy
I decided to give them both fruity names, as soon as I deboxed her I knew Simply Mango was Tangy Tangerine but Simply Guava gave me a little trouble. I knew she would be ___ Raspberry and after going through various R adjectives it was decided her name was Radical Raspberry. Righteous Raspberry was a very close second  choice (if I ever get a Peony!).
I like how well they compliment each other.
Tangy Tangerine
I love orange so of course I am absolutely in love with Tangy Tangerine.
Radical Raspberry
I like Radical Raspberry a lot more than I thought I would at first, I still find myself wishing she had less bare lips. I would have loved to have seen a  nice pink lip on her..

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1 Response to 148/365- Blythes- Simply Guava and Simply Mango

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Pink and orange are my favorite colors, I like this duo a lot.

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