132/365- Bleach custom mini pullip Nelliel

I mentioned previously that Requiemart was going to have some custom pullips on display/for sale at the Animadness booth this year at Anime Boston. The customs were all from the anime/manga Bleach, I am not a super huge fan of Bleach (the filler! it’s maddening) but I was quite taken by Nelliel and I was even more madly in love with little Nel. I always thought Nelliel when in her child form was very adorable.  Surprisingly, the little Nel custom made it through a whole day in the dealer room without getting sold and then somehow she ended up here. I had originally joked with Requeimart a bit that I did really love her but that I was going to be fair and let others have a chance to get her as well as I have a lot of Requiemart customs (^^;) but since she didn’t sell she was fair game.
133/365 Little Nel
She is my first custom mini pullip, she is an old style mini pullip but I don’t know which one she was originally (I guess it doesn’t really matter?). She has a custom wig, an all new face up and custom clothes. I really love her little Espada skull helmet.

I have a sudden and maddening urge to photograph her with an actual bottle of bleach.

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4 Responses to 132/365- Bleach custom mini pullip Nelliel

  1. Requiem says:

    She used to be little witch. I stole her purple eyes for another mini custom. You know. THAT one. 😉

    • kleintoys says:

      oo thanks for telling me, I was mildly curious as to what she was. I can’t wait for the other mini custom ❤

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    hehehe cute, was the rest of the Bleach gang sold?

    • kleintoys says:

      Unknown at the moment, Requiem hasn’t heard from Animadness yet to my knowledge. I know she has said previously if Ishida (spelling? the black haired taeyang) didn’t sell she would probably keep him.

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