131/365-Lucky Star x Macross Frontier

I am skipping a few days again in an effort to get caught a little faster ^^; It occurred to me that I finally had my full Lucky Star x Macross Frontier set and that I still hadn’t photographed them all. Since it had finally stopped raining (yay flooding!) I decided to take them out back for some photos.
131/365 Lucky Star x Macross Frontier
Unlike my usual modus operandi, I was extremely patient when it came to picking these up. I got them all from Yahoo Japan over the last few months, I tried to wait for the best possible deals on each girl. It took a lot of patience and endurance but I don’t regret it as I love them.
I’ve had Tsukasa the longest of the set, I picked her up a few months back. I paid about 2500 yen for her which really wasn’t a bad price.
I actually bought Miyuki and Konata a day apart from each other, I had also tried to get Kagami but I ended up losing her auction. I was kind of upset at the time because Kagami is my favorite Lucky Star character and Klan Klang is my favorite Macross Frontier character. Miyuki ended up costing me 3500 yen meaning she was one of the more costly ones but she is adorable and pretty nicely made for a prize figure. I love her little glasses.
Konata was very cheap, I only paid 1500 yen for her. I was not initially as excited about her as the others but once I seen her in person I actually really loved her. Maybe it is just the simplicity of it or the effortless pose.
Finally my favorite who coincidentally was also the last one I was able to get, like a cruel twist of fate the one I wanted the most also took the patience to get. Kagami/Klan is so adorable, I am a sucker for either character combine the two and watchout >_< I did eventually find her for 3,000 yen. Leaving my total Lucky Star X Macross Frontier costs at about 10,500 before conversion/shopping fees/shipping so out the door costs probably around $150 (I'm probably overestimating but it's complex as I purchased most of these with other figures at the same time so split fees/shipping are a pain to calculate) for the complete set not a bad deal, just took a lot of patience.

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