A forgotten corner of my apartment..

Generally speaking the upstairs area of my apartment is off-limits to cameras but since some stuff was actually accessible for once, I decided to get a few pictures of a corner of one of the rooms upstairs. I think most people think I exaggerate when I say pretty much my entire apartment is anime stuff floor to ceiling (in this case you can’t even see the ceiling in this room as every inch is covered in anime posters mostly from old Newtypes) sadly I am not.
In case you are wondering why this area is so Clamp intensive, this wall was originally nicknamed Clamp central the other half of the wall that I didn’t photograph is taken up by a display of my Cardcaptor Sakura dolls/figures and tons more manga. Clamp is one of my favorite artist groups and I have acquired a number of various odd bits of merchandise from all their different series. I like odd or unusual stuff, note the Italian anime calender from way back in 2003 still hanging on the wall.
Chobits is my favorite Clamp manga (I didn’t like the anime quite as much) so I have a ton of Chobits merchandise, this isn’t even all of it ^^; Most of the figures are downstairs these were just the ones I didn’t have the space for. Behind the Chobits and Tsubasa stuff on the shelves proper I have my foreign language manga,  it’s mostly Japanese but I have some French and Italian as well (I have a bunch of Rozen Maiden manga in German as well but that is downstairs).
I love Chobits, if it isn’t obvious. I delighted in collecting all manner of merchandise from the show, I even have the official Sumomo tape as well as the official Chobits drinking glasses. I still lack a Sumomo plush though which secretly eats away at me from inside on occasion, I haven’t actively tried to hunt it down in ages though. I even bought the French LE version of the dvd because it came with a Chobits shirt ^^;
I love Mokono, these are not even all of Mokono plushes. More foreign manga as well as some Tsubasa merchandise, I was not as obsessed with collecting all of the Tsubasa merchandise.
This is the small in between area of the two bookshelves even it is covered in anime stuff.
This is the main glut of my anime art books, and a Mokono ear because he felt like sneaking into this shot apparently ^^;
Close up of the top shelf, the figures are from the Angel Tales Japanese Dvd releases I think they came two per a volume but it’s been ages so I can’t quite remember. There are also some of my favorite Japanese Dvds on this shelf (plus the Escaflowne movie box because I somehow ended up with several copies O_o) Saikano is one of my favorite shows, it doesn’t get near enough love for how great it really is in my opinion.

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1 Response to A forgotten corner of my apartment..

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    ” most people think I exaggerate when I say pretty much my entire apartment is anime stuff floor to ceiling”

    I believe it…but I’ve been closely monitoring your collection for at least 2 years now (I know it makes me sound creepy but it’s true).

    ALSO I’m so excited! Since Tokyopop lost all rights to their Kodansha titles Dark Horse picked up Chobits! They recently released an Omnibus Edition of Chobits! Mine is shipping currently. I feel like Dark Horse will give the series a better treatment and I’m excited to re-read it.

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