Finally some good weather.. so pullip & bjd photoshoot

The weather was beautiful the day before yesterday, so I decided to take some dolls out for a photo shoot.
Picture 4666
I had been dying for an opportunity to show off my Happy Birthday Pullip’s new wig, her stock wig was absolutely horrible and beyond repair and it had taken me quite a long time to find a suitable replacement.
Picture 4674
The wig is made by Luts, it’s absolutely amazing quality. The wig was well worth the cost, I am glad I joined in on the mini-go with Requiemart and got it. A go for those unfamiliar with such things is when several people band together to order dolls/wigs etc to save on shipping as a lot of the sites only ship via ems and paying $18 for one wig is a bit ridiculous but like six wigs would only be like $26 shipping which would make shipping per wig a lot more reasonable.  Some sites even offer free shipping over a certain amount but since I tend to only be involved with smaller Gos I have yet to reach the free shipping over $700 mark.
Picture 4675
I am extremely happy that I did decide to splurge on the wig for Portia, it really seems to suit her.
Picture 4678
I also brought out my 2nd Happy Birthday Pullip 2, Kaya I had been neglecting her photographically. I had never given her, her own photo shoot I still need to get more photos of her but at least I now have some photos of her. Kaya is such a pretty girl, there are seriously never enough photos of some of the older limited pullips.
Picture 4698
Cheshire was a last minute addition to my pullip crew, I’m glad I brought her though as I love how this picture turned out.
Picture 4692
I also brought Honeychild out as I had not taken many pictures of her yet.
Picture 4690

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2 Responses to Finally some good weather.. so pullip & bjd photoshoot

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Lovely as always 😉

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