107/365- Lucky Star x Macross Frontier- Ranka Lee edition

I didn’t buy my Lucky Star x Macross Frontier figures as a set, I picked them one or two at a time most of them are actually still in the mail Tsukasa has been here for a little while now. I had opened her and set her on my desk and promptly kind of forgot about her existence, I had never photographed her before yesterday.
I have the original Banpresto Macross Frontier set as well, so I decided to photograph Tsukasa with her real counterpart Ranka Lee. I prefer the Tsukasa figure over the  Ranka Lee figure surprisingly, the figure is just a lot cuter and the quality seems to have been kicked up a notch.
Picture 4642
I definitely approve of the choice to have Tsukasa cosplay Ranka Lee, I’m surprised how well Tsukasa manages to pull off Ranka Lee’s outfit she really shouldn’t as it should clash with her hair horribly but it actually seems to work for her.
Picture 4638
Picture 4641
Tsukasa seems a lot more “alive” to me as a figure, I know that is weird way to describe it but Ranka’s actual figure just looks static to me.

I can’t wait for the others to arrive.

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