96/365- New arrivals & a few purchases..

Some of my packages actually arrived today yay, I was really starting to get worried that they might have been lost somehow. I do still have a few things floating around in the post right now but at least some things have actually arrived now.
96/365 New arrivals
From top to bottom :
Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Figure- Banpresto- Tsukasa cosplay Ranka Lee figure
Vocaloid- Max Factory- EX003 Miku Wonder Festival exclusive figma
Vocaloid- Gift- Miku Plush
Onegai Teacher-Yamato- Mizuho Space Suit statue

I bought a few things yesterday, while I was sleeping actually ^^; I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to go to bed early despite the fact that I had some active bids going on Yahoo Japan auctions that were all ending in the wee hours of the morning. I had bid on five items and was fairly happy that I actually won four out of the five. I had bid on a Street pullip as I had seen a NRFB one going for quite cheap and well Street never seems to get enough love in the pullip community I ended up paying about 6000 yen for her which really isn’t bad especially considering her condition (new and minty fresh). I also won this past Wonder Festival’s Vocaloid Miku nendoroid whom I had been wanting for a while she slightly more than I paid for Street though :/ . I had also bid on the three remaining Lucky Star x Macross Frontier figures that I needed unfortunately I didn’t win all three so I still have an incomplete set. Konata ended very cheaply at around 1800 yen, Miyuki ended at 3200 yen and Kagami the one I wanted the most I actually lost :(. On the bright side, I still have something to hunt for plus I really find myself wanting a Raspberyl nendoroid so I am hoping to find her soon as well.

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2 Responses to 96/365- New arrivals & a few purchases..

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Makes sense the price on Miyuki ended up being the highest, did Kagami go higher than Miyuki in price?

    • kleintoys says:

      She went slightly higher than Miyuki but not that much just higher than my max bid had been at the time. I’ll pick her up soon enough.

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