90/365- New doll arrivals

February’s pullip Chelsea arrived much sooner than anticipated, I was rather shocked to get her in the mail yesterday. The day prior I actually had a package from Hobbysearch arrive, containing among other things Bohso and Ms. Green.  I was asked to make an order for a friend of mine on hobbysearch when I noticed they had a few mini pullips including Bohso and Ms. Green on clearance for 1400 yen each so I tossed them on the order for myself.  I had wanted Bohso for quite a while, but I happened to notice that Ms. Green’s costume looked awfully familiar as it is seemingly based on a uniform design used in Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny I decided I needed her as well ^^; .  I haven’t actually opened any of them yet but I am really wanting to debox Chelsea I who have named Picadilly.

I didn’t really realize I had so many minis until I started thinking about after these two arrived, I had no idea I had over a dozen of the little ones already ^^;

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1 Response to 90/365- New doll arrivals

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Chelsea looks good, I look forward to your pictures of her

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