86/365- Ende the vampiric dal

I finally deboxed my Ende, Salem yesterday. I was somewhat anticipating Elisabeth in the mail yesterday but it turns out there was no postal service yesterday, and the mailman seems to really be running behind today (normally he is here around 1:45 pm now it is two hours later and no sign of him). I don’t know why I was hesitating to debox her, she is absolutely stunning in person.
86/365 Salem

I have never seen such a dramatic dal before, I didn’t expect to like her as much as I do but she is amazing.  The only thing that isn’t absolutely amazing about her is that she comes with stick on vampire fangs, they are just absurdly cartoon-ish and don’t seem to match her style at all (even more worrisome they come with a warning label saying they may in fact harm the doll if left on too long). I decided to name her Salem as I wanted all of my dals from 2010 to have place-based names (2008 was food based names and 2009 was alcohol based names) and I thought it rather fitting. I had toyed with the idea of naming her Transylvania but frankly I was concerned tranny would become her nickname ^^;

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