Pullip Updates

Papette the custom dal Papin by Requiemart is finally complete. I am very happy with her, she is a bit paler than Papin but that is only because I wanted her omg now instead off waiting on the possibility that a darker dal would be released. Her name is going to be Tangerine and I am planning on making her into a mini Clementine, as Clementine is my favorite of all my dals. I had a Papin named Tangerine already but there was a slight mix-up and everyone thought Papette’s name was going to be Tangerine and well quite a few people are already calling her Tangerine so I am just going to give into the peer pressure and name her Tangerine. The actual pullip Tangerine will henceforth be known only as Tangent anyone who knows me irl can vouch for my ability to go on completely unrelated tangents at the drop of a hat.
^ picture by requiemart used with permission
I will be probably be picking Tangerine up either this weekend or next weekend depending upon whether or not Animadness is open on Monday (I’m busy Saturday plus I have plans on Valentine’s Day plus they are closed on Sundays anyway) and if they have the vampire pullip/dal/taeyangs in stock yet. Requiemart’s house isn’t too far away from Animadness so I am planning on making the most I can out of one trip.

In other exciting pullip news, I have an Arion and a Youtsuzu on the way from VOTD‘s latest OOB sale. Arion has a broken arm but I am fairly certain that it is completely repairable as the taeyangs have a kind of weakness that makes it easy to pop their arm off (all you have to do to fix it is pop it back on) and from the owner was telling me that is really what sounds like the problem is. I have been wanting Arion since he was announced but I have a harder time justifying the taeyangs. I am very excited about him especially since he is the last of the H.Naoto dolls I don’t own.  Youtsuzu has a damaged eye mechanism, she was released fairly shortly after the sleep eye function started coming on all the pullip releases so I am kind of thinking someone might have just got one of her eyes stuck close via the sleepy eyes and didn’t know how to fix it or realize that it was not a sign of the doll being broken worse case if that is not the issue I can take apart her head and still find a way to make it work (absolutely worse case I can always install acrylics). I had been looking at a lot of owner photos of her lately and was kind of torn as I love her as a stock doll but I also love her redressed/rewigged so now I will have another one to play with.

I did preorder this month’s pullip-Chelsea but Pullipstyle was already sold out of Phoebe the dal, so I will have to wait for her to restock to get her or order somewhere else in the meantime.

I vaguely remember promises to keep the numbers under control this year but at the rate I am going I will hit 250 in no time ^^;  . It is not even half way through February yet and I currently have 227  pullips/dals/taeyangs (165 pullips, 48 dals, 13 taeyangs and 1 namu) and I am already expecting 6 more by the end of the month (Pullips- Youtsuzu, Sfoglia,  Chelsea & Elisabeth, Dal- Papette, Taeyang- Arion) so that is 233 by the end of Feb. I really need to go on a dolly diet it seems, in my defense I did actually trade away a doll towards custom work and I gave away a mini pullip so far this year… so there has been some attempt to cull the numbers ^^;

For my own reference Pullip related stuff I still have to blog/shoot –
– Aya
– Sakura
– Paja
– Ende
– Hestias

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2 Responses to Pullip Updates

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    OOB Sale? That sounds awesome, I’d get an OOB Pullip if it were cheaper. I went to VOTD through your link but didn’t see the sale so it might be over. I’m thinking I’ll buy a Pullip in a few months (I said this last year I know). I’m still resolved to keep my family small but I don’t want it to be a family of 3 forever. If I do buy one it will be Papin for sure. Also, Chelsea really has caught my eye. I have an incredible weakness for pink and blue hair. It’s hard to resist.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s through their forum not through their site I think there are a few left- no Papins though otherwise I would have already grabbed her. They periodically do a cleanout of dolls that are all returned/broken/previous display dolls, the prices are extremely cheap and most of them are easy fixes. Both of mine came yesterday and I had Arion fixed in like four minutes, one of my Youtsuzu’s eyes won’t blink but it hasn’t bothered me enough to take her apart yet.

      I like having a larger pullip family but I know it isn’t for everyone. Chelsea is really cute I am looking forward to getting her next week I think.

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