73/365- Suiseiseki figure by Wave

As usual I am running a day behind or so. I was going to have a little bit of extra money this month, I was thinking about splurging and getting the Suiseiseki Super Dollfie by Volks as  I have been wanting her for a long time and I am in the middle of rewatching Rozen Maiden. Hina is favorite character from Rozen Maiden but Suiseiseki  is probably the anime character out of any series most similiar to myself in personality. I was pretty seriously thinking about her until I really started to look at the prices for her, I knew she was going to be expensive but she is utterly  ridiculous. eBay‘s price is utterly asinine, that seller is always pretty high though he even has a Suiseiseki pullip listed for almost $400 (I think Pullipstyle has her on sale for $98). Yahoo Japan currently ranging in price from just under $1900 to over $2700 and that is before proxy fees.  At a minimum I was looking at  cost of over $2k with fees for a doll, I just couldn’t justify it I had been willing to spend about $1300 which in itself is kind of horrifying to me that I was considering to pay that amount there is no way in hell I am paying almost twice that for a doll.  She would have to come with the ability to actually fight in an Alice game and come with the capability of witty banter -desu- before I considered paying that much for a damn doll.

Despite the Super Dollfie’s massive cost  I still have a soft spot for Suiseiseki. I decided that the picture of the day for yesterday should be one of my Suiseiseki figures. The Wave figure of her is actually pretty nice quality, my only complaint is it’s tiny size as she is only about 1/10 or so. Thinking about it, I think it is safe to say that she is my favorite figure of her of the ones I have anyway.
73/365 Suiseiseki

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4 Responses to 73/365- Suiseiseki figure by Wave

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I still want that one! Although I admit I’m not actively searching for her at all times. I’ll just randomly look when I think of her.

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