61/365- Another Yahoo Japan Haul

More goodies via Yahoo Japan arrived today.
Trigger Heart Excelica- Excelica by Alter
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Rei Pullip
To Heart Dollfie Outfit
Gunslinger Girl- Henrietta Pinky Street

After waffling back and forth for quite a while I finally took the plunge and bought Excelica. I had heard of the epic-ness that is the Trigger Heart Excelica figure by Alter but I don’t think I had mentally prepared myself for something quite so grand. Her size is immense, and the amount of accessories she comes with is unreal. I’m glad I finally decided to pick her up as she is just so incredibly awesome, well worth the price I paid.

I decided to get a second Rei pullip to equal things out as I have a second Asuka pullip. Also this means I can have a set permanently on display with my sizable Evangelion display as well as a set on display with all of my other dolls.

The To Heart dollfie outfit was originally intended for Nana but it didn’t fit her so I am going to actually swap Nana and Mimi which I had been pondering for a while. Mimi is going to become Lucy of To Heart 2 and Nana is going to become Utena.

The Gunslinger Girl pinky was a bit of an impulse buy, I already have one and paid pretty dearly for it but I happened to be browsing Yahoo Japan recently for the last few Pinky Street figures I need when I seen Henrietta going for extremely cheap so I decided that it was too good a deal to pass up on it ^^;.

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