54/365- Latest Yahoo Japan haul (Suzumiya & Pullips)

This is technically the last of my Christmas stuff (although one of the things is not even mine ^^; ) seeing how it was purchased for me in the pre-dawn hours of Christmas morning off of Yahoo Japan.
54/365 - Today's haul
– (top) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- PS2 game with LE figma and preorder bonus
– (left) Nahh-ato Pullip
– (right) Paja Pullip

I had wanted the Melancholy of Suzumiya game and figma for quite a long time, so I am glad to finally have it especially since it was the last of the four different Haruhi Suzumiya figmas that I lacked. Of course I am woefully behind on collecting Suzumiya figures proper and don’t really have the space for anymore anyway ^^;

Pullip Nahh-ato is the one thing that came today that  is not really mine, she is going to travel the globe and visit exotic locales. She is going to send me photos of her journeys around the world and I think there will be some pretty epic photo opportunities where she is going.

And finally Paja. Paja generally speaking is probably the pullip which caused me the most angst; the first one I bought was a scam and I never got my money back and the second while it did actually arrive came modified. Once I realized it was modified I decided to restore her to being stock only to regret it and send off with Requiemart to get restored to all of her non-stock glory. This one, while she wasn’t NRFB as advertised was still minty fresh and un-modified with all of her stock and goodies attached so despite that little setback she is proved to be my first angst free Paja.

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2 Responses to 54/365- Latest Yahoo Japan haul (Suzumiya & Pullips)

  1. madhuri says:

    awwh vey cute would you mind selling me one of your pajas if you want to that is please dont get upset cause ik its rude but i cant help it i just love paja too much and would do anything to have he

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I’m very sorry but none of my dolls are for sale at this time. Paja is one of my favorite pullips so I’m not likely to give either of my twins up ^^; Keep an on dolly market she pops up pretty frequently there.

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