Dolls, dolls and more dolls..

I have a rather unusual assortment of dolls in the mail on their way to me right now.

I received a couple of gift cards for Denver Doll for Christmas and decided to use them towards liberating my third and final puki who was on layaway. I had decided a while ago, that my eventual goal was to own three pukis and that I would base them off of the Power Puff girls. Puki Lily is my Buttercup as she has a pouty little face, Puki Piki is my Blossom as she just seemed to suit her best and as soon as I seen Pongpong I knew she would make the perfect Bubbles with her happy expression. I got her as a basic as I was not feeling the clown get up, I still need to buy her a wig but while I found the perfect one the site I wish to order from has an order minimum and the wig is a $1 shy of the minimum order mark 😦 So I have to wait until i can think of something else to order with it and I can’t really think of anyone else who needs a wig at the moment ^^; Maybe I will just get some SD shoes.

Somewhat interestingly, Pongpong is locked in a race to see who will get here first with another bjd.  It will be an epic battle between US priority mail and international EMS to see which one actually arrives first as they both shipped on the same day. I don’t actually know much about the incoming doll, as she is a gift and she is supposed to be a surprise. I do know she is made by Volks, she is not a dollfie dream, she is not Yo-SD sized and in the buyer’s words “she is not flat-chested like that other one you have” so I am thinking she could be a Super Dollfie 13 as they actually have a bit of a bust as opposed to my Super Dollfie’s non-bust. I was not anticipating another larger bjd so soon, I have not completed of my other two projects: Utena and Mahoro but I have a feeling I know which doll I am getting as I had asked if it was Nono and the response was no her name was spelled differently which leads me to believe I may very well have a SD13 Nana on the way so I decided to take a chance and order her an outfit set from To Heart 2.  If it is indeed Nana like I suspect then she will make a nice Lucy, if ends up being some wild card doll then well To Heart has a large cast, I am sure whichever doll would resemble one of the characters and if not one of my DD girls can cosplay or Utena can at least have something to wear other than Ryomou’s leftovers until I get her clothes done.

Angelic Dreamz had their post Christmas sale again this year, last year I was fortunate to visit their physical store during the sale as mentioned in this blog post. I somewhat surprisingly passed on the pullips on sale this year and instead focused my sights on a Tonner Harley Quinn instead who I have had my eye on since I seen her in the store last year. They were offering a deal I could not pass up on her so I pounced on her ^^; The store is actually somewhat close to where I live so I suspect Harley Quinn will be here rather quickly. I am really excited about her as not only is she a Harley Quinn doll but she is one of my first dolls of this size (about 16 inches), the only other one I have that is approximately the same size is a Desperate Housewives Eddie doll who I bought on mega-clearance at TJMaxx (she was marked down to $15) during one of my toy raids.
harley quinn

Harley Quinn was not my only recent DC Doll purchase as I purchased a Black Canary Barbie over the weekend. Black Canary finally went on clearance on Toys R, I had been wanting her since she was announced but because my intention was to harvest her clothes for one of my pullips I didn’t really want to pay the full $45 MSRP for her. She was finally put on clearance so after some waffling on the subject I decided to buy her as well Azreal has been kept waiting long enough for her clothes.
black canary

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