37/365- Evangelion 1/4 scale Rei by Aizu

Today’s photo subject is another one of the figures I got for Christmas this year. She is Ayanami Rei of Neon Genesis Evangelion, normally I am more of an Asuka fan myself but in this case I made an exception. I acquired the matching 1/4 scale Asuka by Aizu earlier in the year and when I found out there was a corresponding Rei she moved pretty high up on my list of things to buy. When I finally deboxed her after Santa brought her, I was kind of horrified that she has body blushing on under her white bathing suit. Asuka had been blushed as well but it wasn’t as apparent as her bikini is not quite as transparent as Rei’s is. She is a nice figure when she is covered up with her towel but I sense leaning issues in the future, plus there is the more immediate issue of the Geo Front (where I keep my Evangelion figures) being full already so I am not entirely sure where she is going to go just yet.

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