29/365- Oh the weather is frightful…

We haven’t had any much snow this season, before today the most we had was about 3-4 inches of snow. We finally had some serious snow, it started snowing last night and snowed through into the morning leaving an impressive 14 inches of snow behind. Being from New England and all, I am kind of used to having lots of snow during the winter I much prefer the snow to just the blistering cold we have had the last few days. It’s finally starting to look like Christmas is going to be here soon.. I attended a Christmas party last week and they had a raffle, all of the stuff was Christmas themed and there wasn’t particularly anything I wanted then I spotted a basket that had a sleigh in it that would surely fit pullip. I put all my raffle tickets in the box for the gift basket with the sleigh just to lose, fortunately the person who won the basket came with me and they only wanted the other stuff in the basket so they surrendered the sleigh to me mwahahaha….. I have been waiting for it to snow ever since.
The sleigh is just about the perfect size for two pullips, next year by the time Christmas rolls around I am hoping to assemble a small army of mini-pullip Rudolphs to pull the sleigh. I chose my Carol- Vixen and my Winter Purezza- Snowflake as my two sleigh-riders as they seemed the most suited to the occasion.

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