PSA- TL offering sweet deal on pullips

This is a public service announcement to let you all know that it has come to my attention that Toyslogic is now offering an awesome deal on pullips. While toyslogic has carried pullips for a while, their prices were admittedly not the best (still reasonable but not the cheapest) their primary focus as a store has always been anime figures so I can personally understand why their prices weren’t as competitive as stores that focus solely on stocking pullips. I had been spreading the pullip love pretty much since I joined their forum when it was still in it’s infancy stages, so I probably had a bit of a hand in spreading awareness of pullips in general to the store and on their forum. Toyslogic has now decided to start stocking pullips on a more regular basis, they have also slashed their prices to not only be competitive with the two largest pullip retailers in the US: Pullipstyle and VOTD but to actually be cheaper in a lot of cases. The icing on the case is their cumulative offer of buy any seven pullips/dals/taeyangs/byuls and get the eighth pullip/dal/taeyang/byul at 50% off. I know seven pullips may seem like a lot at first especially if you are just starting to collect pullips but once you start you just can’t stop at one (this from the person who owns over 200 ^^; ). The only minor drawback is their major shipment of pullips isn’t due until next month, but they do have some dolls in stock now at awesome prices I know I will personally be stalking their recently in stock items list waiting for Papin to come in stock…

Again I do not generally advertise sales unless it is a company I feel really comfortable dealing with myself but I have personally done tons of business with toyslogic with very few complaints (which honestly with amount of business I have done with them is astonishing). I actually preordered my first non-Rozen Maiden pullip Aquel (Annabell Lee) from them years ago and have bought some additional dolls from them throughout the years.

And yes I totally jacked their sales banner without permission :O

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