15/365- Pinky St

You are probably wondering why there are two pictures of the day for yesterday and why neither of them got blogged yesterday.. I was very ill over the weekend so I decided to stay over at someone’s house so they would be able to help me tend to the zilla the trade-off was the person who house I decided to crash at is kind of techno-phobic so no internet access except my phone for the duration of my stay. It seems the fates were kind of on my side, my dslr was in my car although I couldn’t upload pictures from it until I got home today, so I had a camera but nothing to photograph.. after some rummaging around in my purse I was able to find a Pinky Street. I eventually figured out that I could upload photos from my phone directly to flickr so I would at least be able to upload something yesterday so I basically I ended up taking almost identical photos one with my phone and one with my dslr. I uploaded the shiny dslr pic when I got home this morning, I am actually pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish with basically no idea of what I was going to do until I went outside.

Ironically this post ends up kind of being an interesting comparison of the horrible camera in my phone and the awesome quality of my dslr.

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