Some thoughts on Bjds…

I haven’t actually been collecting bjds that long, I just started collecting January of this year. At that point, I was firmly under the belief that my full set Little Fee Ante, Marie by Fairyland would be my one and only. Then I decided a puki couldn’t hurt especially if I did a layaway from Denver Doll in the meantime I ended up trading one of my dals for a puki. I bought another tiny bjd by a different company but couldn’t bond with her so I sold her and used the money from her sale (as well as the sale of a few blythes) to fund my grail bjd Volks Yo-SD Hina Ichigo. Then just recently I traded for Volks Super Dollfie Mimi which honestly surprised me as I had attended a bjd meet very early on in my collecting and promptly decided although they are gorgeous, they are not for me.. my heart (for larger dolls) belonged to dollfie dream. I decided that in order for Mimi to stay and for me to actually have a shot at bonding with her, she was going to have to become more dollfie dream-like and be modeled after an anime character in this case Utena. I think it is safe to say the only owning one bjd theory has been given up, I already have another on layaway which I am honestly hoping is my third and final fairyland puki. I didn’t even try that particular theory with dollfie dreams, my first two arrived on the first day. For reference’s sake I do not consider dollfie dreams to be bjds, I prefer dollfie dreams over bjds but I consider them to kind of be there own thing that is also why that have separate pages here. I am not sure how many more I will eventually acquire, I am trying to only buy dolls that I am absolutely in love with. I really love Fairyland Little Fees (they are my favorite size and I love their sculpts) so I think it is safe to assume after I finish paying off the puki, I will start working on another one of them although I love so many of the releases I am having a hard time choosing which one.
Picture 1035
I do love my bjds but I feel guilty because I tend to neglect them. With the exception of Marie, I just don’t photograph them as much as my other dolls, their wardrobes are pathetic and it takes me forever to actually work up the will to actually buy them something they need. I just now bought an alternate wig for my Marie (Little Fee- Ante) although I had been wanting one for her, for when she dresses more casually (her stock wig is kind of formal) since like March. I am going to try and make an effort to expand their wardrobes a bit but I have a hard time finding stuff I actually like ^^; I might have to step up my game with sewing but I haven’t had the time lately. I am also going to make a concerted effort to photograph my girls more.
Picture 1019



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