Animadness Pullip Masquarade Party

Animadness is hosting a Pullip Masquarade Party on November 7th at 2pm. Animadness is located in Waltham, MA so it’s about two hours away from me. I met the owner at Anime Boston as they had a booth, he seemed pretty nice and the fact that a store stocks pullips that close to me is kind of cool as the only stores I had seen them previously sold in were in New York. Due to my aptitude for getting extremely lost, I haven’t visited the physical store yet but I will be attending the Pullip Masquerade Party with Requiemart .

Picture by Catcraig- the organizing force behind this..
Looking at their online catalog their prices are actually fairly reasonable. I am not sure I will be purchasing a doll myself, it will depend on their stock at the time although the chances of me walking out empty handed are probably pretty slim (worse case I will probably leave with Papin #11 or Horizon).

There is supposed to be swap, a customization workshop (simple things for new collectors, eyes/wigs) as well as a couple of rooms set up to take photos of your dolls. People are also welcome to bring things they make to sell! The party will also feature little gift bags that will have clothes/re-ment/accessories. Their was previous talk of a contest but I am unsure of the current status of that ^^;

So if you are in the area and collect pullips or just want to see some in person and get some information on them, stop on by. More information can be found here.

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