Purchase- Princess Ann Pullip

In addition to free shipping this month, Pullipstyle always offers price match. Their price match policy is pretty nice they will match any price of a doll currently in stock on any US based store or US based ebay store. After noticing that Hobby Search actually had Princess Ann and Robin Version Ciel on clearance, I did the math out and because of the conversion rate it didn’t really work out to be that much cheaper. I decided to look elsewhere and noticed that the The Valley of the Dolls had Princess Ann for slightly cheaper than Pullipstyle, so I sent an inquiry to Pullipstyle before going to bed at around four in the morning. I got an email back from them around eight this morning, they had dropped the price but they only had one left in stock so I had better order fast.

I am not quite sure what Jun Planning/Groove Inc’s obsession is with Audrey Hepburn, true her proportions do suit pullip nicely but of all the American actresses out there you wouldn’t think they would release two of the same person (albeit of her in two different roles). Jun Planning previously released Holly, a doll based on Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of the character in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s film way back in 2006. Although a gorgeous doll I always got the impression she was not all that popular. When Princess Ann was first announced I made a little side by side comparison of the two’s promotional head shots.

Princess Ann was the last pullip I needed to get caught up on (until Peter Pan is released anyway) to have a complete collection again. I need to start working on getting caught up on the dal releases now.

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