Purchase- Custom Pullip Anastacia

Every now and again, I get bored and look through Requiemart’s Custom Dolls Gallery. I was always find myself wondering where her various customs ended up.

One of the dolls I was always kind of drawn to was Anastacia. She is a custom Greggia, I am guessing she is a bit of an older custom but something about her really attracted me.
Picture by Requiemart used with permission

She popped up unexpectedly on dolly market this morning and I just kind of looked at the listing like why does she look familiar and then it clicked oh, that is Anastacia. Even though I had been planning on buying Puki today, I caved as unlike Puki there is only one of her and I doubt she would be going back up for sale any time soon.

More pictures are available of her in her gallery on requiemart’s site.

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