Incoming- My Little Candy and other thoughts on blythe

My Little Candy has been on wish list when she was first announced and then it was revealed that she was limited. Seeing how hard standard blythe releases can be to attain (HLJ canceled my preorders for Punkaholic People and Heather Sky because they ran out before they got to me) I never expected to be able to get my hands on her.
my little candy
I emailed a doll shop recently about an entirely different type of doll and they responded back that they did not have the doll I was looking for at the moment, they did have the My Little Candy blythe that I had previously asked about. I pounced on her like a ninja ^^; She will be my first stock limited blythe. My only other limited PCM was pretty much customized beyond recognition before I got her.
I am so excited that My Little Candy will finally be joining my blythe crew.

After purchasing My Little Candy, I have been thinking about my blythe family a lot. My original goal was to keep my blythe family small and to have one doll with each of the different face molds. To further the keeping the family small goal, if I don’t bond with a blythe I try to sell or trade it off pretty quickly. The way I had everything planned out I have an absolute maximum of twenty six blythe family members (each one will have a name starting with a different letter of the alphabet). So far I have rehomed a total of seven blythes (RN, LM, PDAA, Goldie, Mondie, PD2Se, PD3As) and I still own eleven (ADG-RR, CCC, SVB, FrFr, PD3Vi, FrFr, PCM- Custom, PDHS, FruPu, SH & RR).

I still have Simply Lilac and Simply Peppermint preordered but it is at hlj again who have canceled my last two blythe preorders so if I get them that’s great, if not well I am trying to keep a fairly small family size. I have a feeling if I do actually get them I will probably rehome one or the other, not sure which one though.

I think I want to go through today and reevaluate my current blythe wishlist as I really know what it is I like now.

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