Pullip Progress

Things had been fairly quiet on the pullip front for quite some time as I focused on other areas of my collecting but now that I am refocusing my energies I have started buying pullips again after realizing I was already seven or eight dolls behind.

After seeing the rising prices on ebay I thought it prudent to pick up a Sala before her price soared even more. Considering I was not supposed to buy any new pullips this month (and the fact that her twin Lala sisters names are Concussion and Collision) I have decided to name her Contraband. I still need to pick up a Sola but she will have to wait a little while.

I also recently purchased a nude Maguna. He was not a doll I really needed but I previously owned a Maguna very briefly before trading him away but kind of missed him and I seen an unbelievable deal on him I couldn’t pass up. His name will be Hollis Heartspark and I intend on making him somewhat punk. I also have a mystery gift doll on the way, all I know is that she is someone I need that I hadn’t had a chance to purchase yet.

If that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I received an email from Papermoonpixie. I own several of her customs, including her very first custom the lovely Malice and she offered to upgrade her as her skills have progressed a lot since then. I took her up on her offer and countered with one of my own, I proposed that I include two additional dolls when I ship Malice to her. One doll for her to keep and one doll for her to customize into an orange themed elf for me (orange being my favorite color), she accepted my counter offer 😀 .

I am also currently in the process of acquiring another Requiemart custom. The beautiful Hinoto is based off of the character from the Clamp manga/anime X.
Picture by Requiemart used with permission

I had admired pictures of her in her gallery for years but I never dreamed I would own her. I am extremely happy to get the chance to adopt her.

I am still behind in my pullip/dal collecting but I hope to catch up quickly as of right now I still need: Pullip-Sfoglia, Dal-Puki, Dal-Erenfreid, Dal-Maretti, Pullip- Sola, Pullip-Princess Ann & Dal- Ciel Robin Ver. I know one of them is currently in the mail but I don’t know which one yet, it should hopefully be here on Monday. I haven’t bought a dal in almost three months now ^^;

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