More comics and Arkham Asylum

The stuff I got other than Yoko yesterday and Arkham Asylum which arrived this morning via UPS.
New comics stuff
The Legends of the Dark Knight Gift set arrived probably some time over the weekend it came via Fed Ex I just happened to notice it sitting on the porch yesterday, it looked like it had been there a few days >_<. I visited a semi-local comic book shop (ie. about an hour away) and purchased Gotham: City Sirens issues 1 and 2 as well as the Joker bust. The semi-amazing thing is I got all three items (both issues of the comic and the bust) for $25 before tax, the owner let me have the 1/4 scale Hot Toys Joker bust for $20. At that price the bust needed to join my growing Joker display. I read both issues of Gotham: City Sirens last night and really enjoyed them, plus it answered the one of the age old mysteries for me about the rogue's gallery. That particular mystery was how the villains found their hideouts..
It’s such a throwaway little thing but it amused me to no end as I was also intrigued that the villains never seemed to have any trouble finding new hideouts (or my other big one is where and how do they recruit henchmen, the ones where the villains are motivated by money I can understand but the ones where there true goals are just chaos and anarchy make me wonder what their pitch speech is).

Arkham Asylum disassembly shot
Arkham Asylum also showed up today so I have been busying myself tearing through that, I am absolutely in love with the game. I love everything about the game, I am having way too much fun with it ^^; Normally I would have opted for the 360 version (I own pretty much every video game system retro all the way up through modern) but the ability to play as the Joker brought me over to the PS3 side, I guess it is good that it is finally getting some use other than a blu-ray player ^_-

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