New package arrives, HLJ shipping rant (problem with EMS)

I received a package from Hobbylink Japan today.
I bet you are wondering why I labeled this as a shipping rant from the above photo. Well this package was sent via ems and cost me almost $50 for shipping which is understandable, what isn’t acceptable is this..
poor belldandy
Now if this was SAL I would be more understanding, this would still be the worst damage via shipping but I would at least somewhat understand that you get what you pay for but in this case I paid quite a bit for a shipping and got damaged merchandise.

Two of the other boxes were slightly damaged, if the Belldandy figure hadn’t been damaged I probably wouldn’t have brought it up but at this point I am feeling a bit nit-picky.
I emailed HLJ with pictures within ten minutes of opening the package as I was pretty upset about the condition of the Belldandy figure box, I have yet to receive a response will update this post if I do receive a response.

On the bright side my Joker & Be@rbrick arrived in immaculate condition.

Edit: HLJ just wrote back basically told me to piss off, said to take the package to the post office and try to do a claim through them because it wasn’t HLJ’s responsibility as it was merely “cosmetic damage”, the fact that the box was poorly packaged by them is now apparently the USPS’s fault (their were only two bags of air and the box everything was shipped in was pretty oversized for what was actually in it). It was not packaged as well as any of the other packages we have ever got from HLJ and that is why stuff got damaged during shipping. I am strongly considering cancelling my remaining preorders with them.

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18 Responses to New package arrives, HLJ shipping rant (problem with EMS)

  1. Rapunzel says:

    Oh goodness! I’m so sorry that this happened to you D: How badly is Belldandy damaged?

  2. Singer Yuna says:

    Wao…at EMS…how they dare…

  3. Jasmine/Skada says:

    First time commenting on this blog – whoa~ Kinda scary… but anyways…

    If you can get everything else you’ve preordered from them, elsewhere, I say go ahead and do it. It’ll make a statement. It doesn’t mean you never have to buy from them again, but if they see a mass of preorders go, they’ll probably notice.

  4. Hachiko says:

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! Thank you for giving us a heads up about HLJ, though.

    I agree with Skada. If you can find the figures you’ve preordered somewhere else, I think you should cancel your preorders with HLJ. I have bought things from HLJ and they usually have great prices, but I have noticed that their shipping methods are less than stellar. Luckily, I have only bought Pinkies from HLJ so I’m not too worried about damage to them, but I will be very cautious about buying an expensive figure from HLJ.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    How much do you have pre-ordered with them? Do they have your Seras pre-order? That’s probably one you’d want to hold onto I imagine. I got Belldandy via SAL at HLJ and she arrived in perfect condition, if I got that after paying extra for EMS…I’d be pretty mad myself. I save all my boxes and preserve them in plastic containers. If you ever re-sold those figures their value would be less with such a damaged box.

  6. Guy says:

    Well, to be honest, EMS only is different shipping. It’s not different packaging.

    EMS and SAL packages don’t really get different treatment, and more/less damage. EMS just often spends less days in transit so there’s a /slightly/ lower chance of damage.

    My HLJ package (magazine+small figure) was way overpacked, as in, the box could easily fit 3 times what I purchased, so I was a bit annoyed at paying the same price for the item and the shipping (roughly $12).

  7. wheectDuata says:

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