Good Smile Company-Rider Figure

The acquisition of this figure is kind of bittersweet to me, as I had previously owned it. I remember I had it preordered on HLJ when it very first came out but the original suffered a horrible fate. As much as I wanted to replace it I couldn’t bring myself to pay the outrageous prices that it was going for on ebay at the time so I kind of put on the back burner for a while.

It was glorious to see her again, although honestly I think absence may have made the heart grow a little bit fonder over the years. Figure production and quality has changed a lot over the past five years though, while she is still my favorite Rider figure she doesn’t seem to live up to my own memories. I don’t regret replacing her though as she is still pretty damn awesome.
DSC01382 DSC01387 DSC01381 DSC01393 DSC01386

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4 Responses to Good Smile Company-Rider Figure

  1. Leonia says:

    This figure is really hard to find. The most great Rider but she is small :s Nice shooting !

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I spent a pretty penny on Rider, I definitely agree that figures are made better these days and this Rider PROBABLY doesn’t live up to the hype. When I put her next to the newer figures you’d never know I spent the most on her out of all my figures. The Enterbrain Rider came close to surpassing her for me, but fell flat due to the hair discoloration. But I don’t regret it in the end because I think GSC captured her really well.

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