TL packages arrive

I was anticipating two packages from Toyslogic today, so I spent the better part of four hours sitting on my porch this morning as Fed Ex either likes to practice their ninja ability on me or overestimate my psychic abilities. They never ring the bell or knock, or even leave a pick up slip if I didn’t check the tracking number I would never even know that they attempted to deliver something on a given day. At least the weather was nice out today 😀

The packages-
Gigantic TL packages
They weighed almost 30lbs together O_o

The goods-
What all was in the packages
A nice variety of figures. Unfortunately they will probably take me the rest of the day to debox/photograph/find a place for.

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3 Responses to TL packages arrive

  1. Kizo. . . says:

    Whoa, 4 hours. o____o Stupid FedEx making you wait like that. >:/

    The FedEx people here just knock on my door & leave the packages outside.

    You should do some more comics with your figmas/nendoroids since you’re gonna debox them. D:

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