Holy backdated entry Batman! Suzumiya display

Due to circumstances beyond my control ie. injury and subsequent hospitalization I was unable to blog yesterday (the 26th) so I am having to backdate this entry by a day ^^; Please note if you are 250 some pounds perhaps crowd surfing at a Green Day concert is not the wisest idea, as you will land on the 4’10 girl’s head and she will get a concussion and she will not be happy at the prospect of having to spend the night in the hospital and missing the rest of the concert.

On with the entry… I painstakingly rearranged my Suzumiya display for some reason today.
This is most of my Suzumiya paraphernalia, I have a few more figures and towels around the apartment but this is most of it.
Closeup of the Top
Left Top- Mix of Wave and Max Factory figures
Center Top- Azones in the very back, Griffon Enterprises in the center and nendoroids in front.
Right Top- DVD boxes, Alter figures, Pinky Street and Daiki Kougyou Suzumiya Figure

Bottom Row
Bottom Left- Various Mikuru Figures, figmas, Revoltech Suzumiya, Max factory Suzumiya, Petit Nendoroids way in the back
Bottom Center- Freeing Bunny Girls
Bottom Right- Various Sega Prizes, more figmas and Suzumiya nendoroid plus (keychains) in the very back

Can you tell I actually don’t really care for Yuki but I absolutely adore Mikuru ?

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6 Responses to Holy backdated entry Batman! Suzumiya display

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    That’s a nice size Haurihi shrine! Nice that you got the freeing bunny girls, they are really well made. I only have Mikuru and Asakaura myself. Sorry about your hospitalization, hope you get better soon ;s

  2. Kizo. . . says:

    o_o You’re pretty strong will to be organizing your stuffs right after being hospitalized. >>;

    Kudos to you, Hina! & hope you’re alright now.^^ ❤

    Btw, is that a fence to keep Babyzilla out of reach of your figures? xD

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