New Dollfies Dreams announced…

Volks announced their two newest DD releases today, they will be available at Doll Party 4 in Nagoya (08/23/2009).
My favorite To Heart 2 girl, Sasara is being made into a Dollfie Dream Dynamite. I feel this is a really good translation of the character into dollfie, I also think they made a wise choice by giving her the dynamite body. If you are lucky enough to purchase at the event, you can pick her up at the mere price of 54,600 yen.

Louise of Zero no Tsukaima is also getting the dollfie treatment. She is being made into a MDD, I am not sure if I agree with the proportions for her. She will be even cheaper than Sasara at 47,250 yen.

If I had a choice of one I would pick Sasara, even though I love MDDs and still don’t have one something looks kind of off with Louise in some of the pictures. It is unlikely I will be getting either any time soon though as I might have another dollfie on the way ^^; (I admit nothing).

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2 Responses to New Dollfies Dreams announced…

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    I am debating about Sasara myself, so she is your favorite TH2 girl? I thought she only show up in game? I am going to try to play the game asap to learn more about her.

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