Recent Acquisition- Sheryl Nome- Banpresto

Sheryl is admittedly not one of my favorite characters in Macross Frontier. Klan Klang is my favorite, everyone else pales in comparison to her. I always preferred Ranka Lee over Sheryl in the great debate as to who the antagonist of the series- Alto Saotome should end up with. Even though she is not a favorite character of mine this is still a really nicely made figure.
I love the sense of movement in this figure, the way the fabric of her bow almost seems to blow in the wind is especially lovely. Her bow is kind of neat in of itself, as it has glitter on it. It feels like it was added on later in the manufacturing process but it is still kind of neat. Her sculpt in general is rather nice but if I have one complaint about these Macross Frontier Banpresto figures in general something about the faces tend to be a bit off.
DSC00622 DSC00624 DSC00625
Clickety click for bigger pictures.

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