Acquisition- Estel-Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na

Estel was my mystery dollfie. I had always been fascinated with her and Feena but after really studying photos of them, I discovered that while they shared the same headmold I much preferred Estel’s face up.  Something just seemed to be missing with Feena. I had a hell of time finding owner photos of Estel so that further drove my ambition to get her . Oddly when I was picking out my first dollfie I was looking through a compiled character list of all the Dollfie Dreams and I remember looking at Estel thinking  somehow, someway I was going to end up getting her.

Her eyes seem to be noticeably more wide/open than any of my other girls. She is also on a normal dollfie dream body which when compared to the other girls makes her seem a bit younger or childlike. I love her eyes and her pale lavender hair.

Her stock is really beautifully made, the dress is especially well done the pleating is amazing and her bracelets are real metal. My only regret is that her stock kind of makes her stick out a bit too much compared to the other dollfies.

Pricewise I didn’t do bad for her she was my cheapest secondary market purchase costing about 1/2 of what Ryomou or Kanu did. Her price was very slightly over her original MSRP

All and all I am very pleased with her although getting her and Rin made me realize I wanted even more dollfies T_T

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