New Acquistion- Vixen

I apologize for another doll post so quick on the heels of the last one but Vixen arrived astonishingly quick from Japan. Although she came via airmail she only took five days to arrive O_O.

I had been thinking about getting another Carol for a while, she seems to be such an underappreciated pullip in the doll community plus the type 1s always seemed to have a special quality about them to me (I like the shine, reminds me of blythes ^^; ). She has a bit of a melancholy feel about her, her eyebrows make her seem quite sad but I think it gives her a bit of character.  Her stock is absolutely ridiculous which doesn’t help her case any. I think I may rewig her although I am not quite sure what I will be rewigging her in just yet.

Picture taken with my new Palm Pre – which is pretty darn awesome. 
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2 Responses to New Acquistion- Vixen

  1. xkizo says:

    Cute! The melancholy expression is always a nice touch. [:

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