Anime Boston Haul

Normally I buy a lot more but there was not much of a selection this year, plus I own quite a large number already (just surpassed 1,000 on tsuki-board although I have a lot more that I own that I haven’t bothered listing there yet due to sheer amounts of laziness) so finding something I wanted but didn’t have or have preordered or have in the mail was a challenge.

Anime Boston Haul
I think the best find this year was the Sister Princess statue (girl in bikini). I paid $45 original MSRP of 16,000 yen. Most of the other figures were stuff that was my to be eventually be acquired list that I found for cheap and bought with the exception of the Gundam (which reminds me I have a strike rouge I need to finish building ^^;). I honestly did not see a lot of interesting stuff this year.

I did manage to find one item off of my other anime wants list- a He Is My Master towel featuring Anna and Mitsuki.
He is my Master towel

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