Obligitory Doll Post

A Fruit Punch blythe joined my doll crew today. She is a disco diva so I named her Blondie. This blythe has restored my faith in the ebl face mold.

In other doll news..
– Doll Meet on Tuesday- Hopefully Kira will have arrived by then so Requiem can take her home with her and Dalvam can stay with me.
– Decided what was happening with the custom bait of mine that Requiem has. Her name is going to be Nyx, she is getting a custom made wig and is going to be Azreal’s rival.
– I might try and join the lottery for Dollfie Dream Rin, still debating I would prefer Illya but Rin is on my eventual must buy list and I would prefer to get her sooner rather than later.

Started a new project-a wordpress gallery of sorts for my dolls Doll Blog. This is going to be a continuous project for me my goal is to add at least one of my dolls a day I have over 200 now with at least one more always in the mail so should keep me busy for a while.

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2 Responses to Obligitory Doll Post

  1. Miranda :) says:

    The earings are rad 🙂

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