The March Preorders finally arrived..
Oddly the pullip release is my least favorite of the releases. I really love the dal even though their eye patch was a pain to actually get to stay on.

In other related news, I bought a 2nd Kirakishou and I have already rehomed her before she even arrived. She was ordered through a misunderstanding and I didn’t really want her (I wanted a 2nd Kira but not right now) so I am glad I was able to rehome her quickly. She is going to go live with Requiem and Dalvam is finally coming home. I also bought a 7th Papin from the same source so I can complete the rainbow. For those of you who don’t know Papin is my favorite pullip and I have had the secret ambition to own seven of her so I could have one rewigged in each color of the rainbow.

Also I seem to have lost track of how many Jun Planning dolls I own.. I am going to actually have to count them as I either have 179 or 184 but I am entirely sure which. It’s a stupid problem to have but a problem none the less.

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3 Responses to Pullips

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Papin is probably going to be my next Pullip that isn’t a pre-order

  2. Miranda :) says:

    The little one is my favorit

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