Dolly misbehavior

Somehow, someway HLJ actually restocked two blythes that had been listed as discontinued- Friendly Freckles (who I already own) and Ashletina (who was very high on my wishlist). I ended up caving and ordering Ashletina even though I really shouldn’t have.

I am potentially up to 14 blythes now:
Own- ADG- Roaring Red, Cancan Cat, Sunday Very Best, Rouge Noir, Friendly Freckles, Frosty Frock, Violetina, Custom Precocious’ Candy Mushroom and Heather Sky
In the Mail- Adorable Aubrey, Fruit Punch, Mondrian and the above mentioned Ashletina
Preorder- Sunshine Holiday- might end up canceling her.

These things are multiplying at an alarming rate.

Well I was going to say things have been quiet on the pullip front but low and behold I just ordered a little Froggy pullip ^^;
Jun Planning is no longer going to be distributing pullips, which actually sounds good to me quality might improve plus the original creator is getting more say on the designs.. judging from some of the designs I have seen on their blog I can’t wait ::prays the penguin dal actually gets released::.

I also commissioned Angelberries to make a small order of dresses and matching socks for a select few of my girls. One dress is especially for Azreal (my favorite pullip).. not entirely sure who the other dresses are going on just yet, I think the strawberry dress will go on Joyette and one of the other dresses will go on Mondie.

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