A little visitor

Requiem and I did a temporary doll swap so Princessa has come to visit me for a week or so until I go have a meet with Requiem at her home which means I get to meet all the cast of All My Pullips. Requiem is borrowing Anarchy, my Noir to aid her in her work on the Noir Blythe. She also borrowed Collin and Anthrax, as I offered to lend her any dolls she wants and she was interested in those two.  She also took my bait with her as well I was not happy with my own results and well I didn’t think I ever would be so yeah she went home with Requiem.

I am really excited about the chance to photograph this little cutie pie for the next week or so.

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6 Responses to A little visitor

  1. yuhime says:

    😀 Yay, Princessa! She’s such a cutie! And you’re so lucky you get to keep her for a while :3

  2. smoozybear says:

    That is a fabulous photograph of her face I keep looking at my own Princi to see if she is the same doll!!

  3. Requiem really does do the best Pullip to Dal customs. I mean, Princessa is really incredible! And Noir Blythe? Now this I’ve got to see…

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