More dolls ?!

First and foremost …

Photo by Requiem
A Dalvam update she has officially been given a gallery on Requiemart’s site viewable here
She is even more stunning now that she is finished. I am looking forward to having her in my collection, somewhat soon.

In other pullip/taeyang/dal news.. I got a tracking number for my preorders (Andrew, Kaela and Angry) and a second Uncanricky that I had split with another pullip collector.. they should be here some time in the next week.

I also purchased another blythe today ^^; I found a really good deal on a Sunday Very Best and lacking a blond in my blythe family I just kind of caved. I never anticipated owning such an older release but at the price I found her at I could not say no. So that makes 2 blythes owned, 2 on the way and 2 preordered.. what happened to my small ideal family of four T_T
sunday's very best

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