Blythe revisited..

Well remember how I said my ADG would be my alpha and my omega, turns out I was wrong she is just the alpha blythe… as I just received my “grail” blythe in the mail today.
Can Can Cat was the original blythe that made me start considering actually owning one. I loved her stock, her hair color just everything about her. At the time I only collected pullips/dals and I did not really wish to diversify but now that I have effectively completed my pullip/dal collection I am really getting into dolly diversity. I am really glad I did get her as she is even lovelier than I imagined. The only problem now is coming up with a name for her.
I must say 2 blythes are a hell of a lot easier to work into a group shot rather than 170 pullips/dals/taeyangs.

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