New order..

As I am busily trying to get everything all organized while being sick T_T

I ended up poking around HLJ last night, as I wanted to move around some preorders. I forget what exactly I clicked on but the other people who bought x item also bought showed the good smile company Karen figure from Onegai Twins that I absolutely love. Now I had checked there previously and it was discontinued so the only thing I can think of is that there must have been a restock since then. I ended up ordering her and a couple of other things.

Finally ordered Rozalin, I had previously cancelled my preorder for her kind of regretted it found her on clearance so I finally bought her.

I also ordered another Lunamaria Hawke figure as she was on super clearance for less than 500 yen

I also treated myself to the the new Rozen Maiden manga box O_o
It is a very clever box..
and it comes with postcards..

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