Recent Purchases

I decided after the craziness of acquiring two dollfie dreams that I should cut back for a while and kind of do penance for my over-indulgence so I actually cancelled a few preorders and have decided to go on a bit of a buying break. Unfortunately I already failed…

Fate/Stay Night- Good Smile Company Saber Figure

I finally decided to stop waiting for TL to get mine in, when I preordered her release date was 12/2007… it is now 2/2009 and all the listing says is the date of release is to be determined.

Ikki Toussen- Max Factory Kanu Figma

I basically bought her because I want to take pictures of her with the dollfie dream ^^;

Burst Angel- Yamato- Meg Figure

Kind of an impulse buy, as I just bought the Burst Angel art book and fell in love with Meg.

Pinky Street- Messerschitt Repaint

Just ten more to go until I have complete collection ^^;

All told with shipping from Japan, everything in this post cost me just under $100.

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