Recent Arrivals

Stuff that has arrived recently that I forgot to post pictures of…

Chu x Chu Idol/ Wagamama Capriccio- Nendoroid- Merissa Seraphy Wonder Festival Exclusive Nendoroid

Shakugan no Shana- Nendoroid- Shana Nendoroid

Vocaloid- Nendoroid- Miku Wonder Festival Exclusive Nendoroid

Vocaloid- Max Factory- Rin & Len Figmas

Vocaloid- Good Smile Company- Miku Figure

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2 Responses to Recent Arrivals

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m supposedly getting WonFes Seraphy and Suzaku but I’m really not sure anymore.

  2. sodapopandritalin says:

    Worse case she isn’t that terrible on ebay, there is really not that much difference between the normal and the limited outside of the crown/cape.

    I have the Suzaku figma but I have been leaving the figmas in the box for the most part because we are planning on moving and the less little parts to lose the better.

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