Figure Front-
My Evangelion kitty sega prizes arrived in the mail yesterday. Still waiting on the TL package but it won’t be here until after I get back from visiting relatives. My Kanu figure from Hobbysearch shipped yesterday hopefully it will arrive on Friday before I leave. I have a number of packages floating around in the mail but most of them probably won’t arrive until I get back. My lost Amazon.de order actually arrived yesterday.
I did order a few things I paid about $35 for them combined before shipping so I am pretty happy.
– Burst Angel- Jo Figure by Alter
– GunxSword- Carmen99 Figure by Alter

Pinky Front-
I am rapidly closing in on having a complete pinky street collection. Just 11 more to go ^_^
PK002A Tamae
PK002B Suu
PK004A Moe
PK004B Moe
PK006B Accessory Set
Animate Tencho Yoshiko Figure
King of Fighters Mai Repaint
Mono Camme Ca Version 2
Messerschmitt Repaint
Acchi Kocchi Pinky Street
Pinky Showtime Volume 1 Green

Pullip Front-
Adstiltia and Milch arrived two days ago. I love Adstiltia, she is the darker version of the limited Isolde.
I haven’t opened Milch yet. My 6th Papin arrived yesterday as well as a small order from VOTD with Re-ment and a limited doll carnival shirt. I see some suspiciously shaped packages under the tree- I know there is re-ment and at least one pullip under the tree. I know I am supposed to be getting 3.5 pullips for Christmas (I am picking one up in transit to the relatives hence the .5) but it appears they did not all make it in time, they should be here by the time I get back though.

I am seriously thinking about getting another bjd before my first one even arrives.

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