Then take a right unto Pinky Street

What’s not to love about pinky street figures? They are cute, they don’t take up much space (*cough* I’m looking at you pullips) and for the most part very cheap.

My Melody & Kuromi Pinkies

I got started collecting Pinky Street sometime between 2004-2005 while I was vacationing in California. Someone bought me the Rei and Asuka Pinky Cos set which I adored but I kind of forgot all about them until I went to Anime Boston the next year. I bought a handful more at Anime Boston but didn’t really get hooked until I found out that there was a limited Gunslinger Girl Pinky Street. I love Gunslinger Girl so I just had to have Henrietta even though she ended up costing me well over $100.

Sometime after getting Henrietta I decided to very slowly start collecting all of the Pinky Streets. I currently have over 80 pinkies with a handful of doubles and a custom O-ren Ishii pinky. I am slowly but surely getting them all. I still need 24 to have a complete set not including the Dekapins which are the 12 inch Anime Expo exclusives that came out way back in 2004. I still need PK001B, PK002A, PK002B, PK003B, PK004A, PK004B, PK005B, PK006, PK006A, PK006B, Animate Tencho Yoshiko Version 1, Acchi Kocchi Kokoro, Pinky Showtime Volume 1 Green Version, Pinky Street in Town Hana, Mono Comme Ca M Version, Mono Comme Ca MCC Version, Mono Comme Ca Version 2, King of Fighters Mai And Athena Limited Blue Repaint, Pinky Q with Messerschmitt Repaint, Space Invaders: Moe, Suu and Tamae. I also currently have some in the mail including PK003A, Wonder Fest Pinky – 0001 Showtime Pinky, Pinky Street with Rabbit Scooter Repaint, Pinky Street Mahorobo Stories Library of Fortune Pinky, and the Wonder Fest Kokoro from a few years ago.

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