Excuses, excuses and a very odd pose

Well first off let me explain why there was not a post for yesterday, I went to a pullip meet and I lost my camera while there. I am pretty well devastated by the loss of my camera. I will be unable to take new pictures until my camera can be replaced in October. I will be using pictures I already took before I lost the camera for the next few weeks.

My Kotobukiya Kureha figure which I got a few months back from Toyslogic. I already had the Max Factory Kureha figure but I couldn’t resist this one either especially since toys had it for around $40. I actually have a third version of Kureha preordered as well namely the President Japan version.

I just love Kureha’s character design and the use of the bright yellow color on her costume, it really makes her stand out and pop when standing next to other figures on the shelf. She just seems to give off such an aura of serenity. This particular figure’s pose is a bit odd, but when I think about it I don’t think it is the pose so much as it the overpowering sleeves on her outfit. The sleeves do really add a sense of movement to the figure and a bit of added depth so it is a bit of a double edged sword. Her face, especially are lovely. Her hair is also very detailed and has a nice sense of flow to it unlike some other figures where you get the sense that the hair is defying gravity/physics. The sculpting and the details on this figure are immaculate.

I seem to recall having slight troubles getting her to actually hold her bow but it wasn’t anything major like it is with some of my other figures.

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1 Response to Excuses, excuses and a very odd pose

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I agree entirely, Kureha is a magnificent looking character. Her outfit is such a beautiful play on traditional Japanese clothing. Not to mention I LOVE LOVE female archer characters, nothing looks better then a delicate female with a bow. I bought the Max Factory and Kotobukiya figures of her as well and I absolutely adore them. I stopped myself from ordering the President Japan one just because of budget constraints, but she looks great. Had she been a bit less I surely would have caved, but I forked over $120 just to get the Max Factory one a few months ago….(ssshhhhhh don’t tell the boyfriend)

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