Here Kitty, kitty

Another Pullip post… I didn’t mean to do another so soon but I finally photographed my Moon today so I figured I would devote today’s post to her. Moon was one of the first three pullip that were simultaneously released just about five years ago. She represents a unique challenge because of her stock it is virtually impossible to find one unstained. She is also the most popular/expensive of the original releases as Wind and Street sell for around $100 and Moon normally sells for closer to $400 with Magma Heritage wanting an astonishing $600 for one with a dented box. Well mine came virtually unstained (there is some very light staining on her chest but unless I am photographing her nude it is noticeable) and I only paid $15 with shipping including for mine. Granted the ebay auction ended much higher than that but I had accumulated a great number of ebay bucks through other purchases that my out of pocket expenses were only $15 making her my cheapest pullip.

Now unto what I think about her…. being one of the first pullips she has a minimal face up which I really like. Her eyechips and hair color are lovely, her scalp/wig consistancy is a bit wild but not as bad as I was led to believe by other Moon owners. I actually really like her but I can’t keep her in her stock until I stain proof it and I am having a hard time finding something that looks good on her to substitute for her stock until I can stain proof it for her. Additionally she is a type 1 pullip so she has very large feet that are well nigh impossible to find shoes that actually fit her. So as much as I like her she kind of frustrates me.

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