Sasha Release List

Sasha is a anthro fashion doll line by Groove. Sasha comes with one of two different styles of animal heads either a rabbit or a cat. All Sasha dolls come on the Type 4 Pullip body (even the ones dressed to be more masculine have a female body). Sasha made her debut in 2011 but seems to have been discontinued in 2013.

1. Lala
Name- Lala
Product Number- S-628
Release Date- 1/2012
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

2. Kiki
Name- Kiki
Product Number- S-630
Release Date- 1/2012
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

3. Pippin
Name- Pippin
Product Number- S-631
Release Date- 3/2012
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

4. Cecil
Name- Cecil
Product Number- S-634
Release Date- 6/2012
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

5. Nuna
Name- Nuna
Product Number- S-636
Release Date- 8/2012
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

6. Lumina
Name- Lumina
Product Number- S-638
Release Date- 1/2013
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

7. Wizy
Name- Wizy
Product Number- S-639
Release Date- 3/2013
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

8. Sorc
Name- Sorc
Product Number- 4/2013
Release Date- S-640
Original MSRP- 12000 yen

All photos on this page are promotional images belonging to Groove Inc. and were taken from their various websites

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