Definitive Timeline of all Releases

All doll releases in sequential monthly order by Jun Planning/Groove.

July 2003-
Pullips– Debut (LE Wind), Wind, Street & Moon

August 2003-
No Releases

September 2003-
Pullips: Squall & Bouquet

October 2003-
Pullip Carol

November 2003-
Pullip Leprotto LE300

December 2003-
Pullips- Noir & Withered

January 2004-
Pullips- Venus & Savon

Febuary 2004-
Pullip– Nomado; Namu- Vispo

March 2004-
Pullip– Arietta; Namu- Trunk

April 2004-
Pullips- Anne & Bianca also LE12 Pullips Enjoy Carol & Arietta at Doll Show 12

May 2004-
Pullip– Nero; Pullip & Namu Special Release LE300 set Happy Birthday Couple 1

June 2004-
Pullip– Principessa; Namu- Serpent

July 2004-
Pullips- Fantastic Alice, Oren LE600 & Spring Purezza LE500
Class Mates– Takeru, Riria & Merippe

August 2004-
Pullip Panda

September 2004-
Pullip Fourrure; Little Pullips: Paja, Moon & Leprotto

October 2004-
Pullip– Little Red Riding Hood; Namu– Wolf

November 2004-
Pullips- Sacrilita & Vivien LE500

December 2004-
Pullip– China China; Namu- Fei

January 2005-
Pullip– Fanatica

February 2005-
Pullips– Chicca & Winter Purezza LE500

March 2005-
Pullip– Afternoon

April 2005-
Pullip– Cosmic Jupi & Cosmic Mercu; Little Pullips: Anne & Witch

May 2005-
Pullip– Assa; Pullip & Namu Special Release Set Happy Birthday Couple 2 LE300;
Little Pullip– Noir

June 2005-
Pullip– Paja; Little Pullip– Dido

July 2005-
Little Pullips: Alice (Blue) & Alice (Pink)
Pullip Beressa was announced for release in July of 2005 but was canceled due to her Lady Spy outfit bearing a close resemblence to a SS uniform

August 2005- 
Pullips- Lan Ake & Lan Ai; Little Pullip- Panda

September 2005-
Pullips– Rovam & Summer Purezza LE500; Little Pullip Berry

October 2005-
Pullip– Greggia; Little Pullip Set- Carol & Rudolph

November 2005-
Pullip– Late; Little Pullip- Fanatica

December 2005-
Pullip– Raphia

January 2006-
Pullip– Cornice ;Little Pullip– Riletto

Febuary 2006-
Pullips– RIDa & Fall Purezza LE1200; Taeyang– MJ; Little Pullip Swan

March 2006-
Pullip– Holly Golighty; Little Pullips– Jupi & Mercu

April 2006-
Pullip– Nina, Taeyang– Sage; Little Pullip– Purezza

May 2006-
Pullip– Nahh-ato ; Little Pullips Lan Ai & Lan Ake
Pullip Majullae was originally announced for May of 2006 but was canceled for an unknown reason and replaced by Pullip Nahh-ato

June 2006-
Pullip– Eternia; Taeyang– Filato; Little Pullip– Froggy

July 2006-
Pullip– Craziia; Little Pullip AloAlo; Hestia– Sakunoyoru & Ariakedukinokokoro

August 2006-
Pullip– Papin; Taeyang Timulus; Little Pullip Purezza

September 2006-
Pullip- Brand New Purezza; Dals– Monomono, Drta & Fiori; Little Pullip– R

October 2006-
Pullip– Zuora; Taeyang– Shade; Little Pullips– Cornice & Raphia; Hestia– Mikazuki no yoru & Ariakedukinokokoro

November 2006-
Pullip– Shinku; Dal– Hina Ichigo; Little Pullip– Assa

December 2006-
Pullip– Chill; Taeyang– Cavalie; Little Pullip– Aggonya

January 2007-
Pullips- Suigintou & Haute LA; Dal- Rot-chan; Little Pullip RIDa; J-doll- Via Sant’ Andrea & Charing Cross Road

Febuary 2007-
Pullip- Stica; Taeyang- Missionary; Little Pullip Calfy
Hestias Akatsuki & Awakening of the new moon were announced for this month but I believe they were canceled as I have never seen any proof of them ever having been released (no owner photos, never up for sale). 

March 2007-
Pullip- Suiseiseki; Dal- Sooni; Little Pullip Purezza; J-doll- Crescent Road & Street of Laredo

April 2007-
Pullip- Alte; Taeyang- Lead; Ai Doll- Snow Flake & Freesia; Hestia- Mayuzuki No Nozoku Hi & Saramachizuki No Itoma

May 2007-
Pullip- Souseiseki; Dal- Frara; J-doll- Avenue Malecon & Joseph Splatz

June 2007-
Pullip- Blanche, Taeyang- Butler; Ai Doll- Hybrid Statice & Lawn Daisy

July 2007-
Pullip- Barasuishou; Dal- Kanaria; J-doll- Vass. Sofias & Punkka Street; Hestia- Reunion At First Quarter Moon & Parting of the Moon in Last Phase of the Month

August 2007-
Pullip- Aquel; Taeyang Hash; Ai Doll- Aster & Sanbitalia

September 2007-
Pullips- Uncanricky, Another Alice LE500, Another Queen LE500 & Kirakishou LE1000; Dals- Coral, Another Soldier Rabbit LE500 & Another Clock Rabbit LE500; Taeyang- Another King LE500; J-doll- Rue Antoine Dansaert & Old Arbat

October 2007-
Pullip- Hello Kitty; Taeyang- Edward Scissorhands; Ai Doll- Painted Sage & Adams

November 2007-
Pullip- Veritas; Dals- Jolie & Jouet LE300; J-doll- Camden High Street & Takeshita Street

December 2007-
Pullips- Prunella & Haute NY; Dal- Hangry; Taeyang- Maguna; Ai Doll- Hacinth & Lupinus

January 2008-
Pullip- My Melody; J-doll- Magnificent Mile; Ai Doll- Thyme; Angel Pullips- Ally, Becky & Cindy; Angel Dals- Amy, Biccy & Ciel

February 2008-
Pullip- Rei; Taeyang- Horizon; J-doll De 9 Straatjes; Prairie Gentian

March 2008-
Pullips- Asuka, Detective Shinku & Dortothy; Dal- Cinnamoroll; Taeyangs- Tinman, Cowardly Lion & Scarecrow; Jdoll- In-Sa-Dong; Ai Doll- Kangaroo Paw

April 2008-
Pullip- Ala; Dal- Colline; J-doll- Stroget; Ai Doll- Rhodanthe

May 2008-
Pullip- Dita; Taeyang- Tantus; Dal- Tweety; J-doll- Gran Via; Ai Doll- Leptospemum

June 2008-
Dal- Coco; Taeyang- William; J-doll- Mariya Luiza; Ai Doll- Phlox
Pullip Xiao Fan was originally announced for June but her release was delayed for an unknown reason

July 2008-
Pullip- Youtsuzu; Taeyang Seiran; Dal Hanaayame; J-doll- Marche; Ai Doll- Cuphea

August 2008-
Pullips- Xiao Fan & Celsiy; Dal- Magical Pink-chan; J-doll- Rossi Street; Ai Doll- Coreopsis

September 2008-
Pullip- Cinciallegra; Dal- Tezca; Taeyang Jade; J-doll- Old Church Street; Ai Doll- Bee Balm
Angel Pullips: Date & Elma as well as Angel Dals: Dia & Ely were originally announced for release this month but were subsequently canceled

October 2008-
Pullip- Kirsche; Dal- Lipoca; Taeyang Sol; Little Pullip+ – Alice; Little Dal+- Madd Hatter; J-doll- Melrose Avenue; Ai Doll- Beloperone

November 2008-
Pullips- Marianne & Isolde LE300; Dal- Chalotte; Taeyang Alberic; Little Pullip+- Cheshire Cat; Little Dal+- White Rabbit; J-doll- Picasso Street West & Picasso Street East; Ai Doll- Matricaria

December 2008-
Pullip- Adsiltia; Dal- Milch; Byul- Eris; Little Pullip+ – Queen of Hearts; Little Dal+ – Alice; J-doll- Esplandai Katu; Ai Doll- Lagrus

January 2009
Pullip- Neo Noir; Dal- Melize; Taeyang- Arion; Little Pullip+ – March Hare; Little Dal+ – Soldier of Cards; J-doll- Diamante le Calle; Ai Doll- Denphalae

Febuary 2009-
Pullip- Kaela; Dal- Angry; Taeyang- Andrew; Little Pullip+ – Dormouse; Little Dal+ – Humpty Dumpty; J-doll- Avenue Klebar; Ai Doll- Nerine

March 2009-
No releases this month. The original company that released Pullips Jun Planning went bankrupt around this time, the doll lines were subsequently picked up by and continued to be released by Groove.

April 2009-
Pullip- Grell; Dal- Ciel; Taeyang- Sebastian; Little Pullip+ – Donkey; Little Dal+ – Rooster; J-doll- Maroseica Street; Ai Doll- Leucocoryne

May 2009-
Pullip- Clarity; Dal- Lizbel; Byul- Pollon; Little Pullip+ – Dog, Little Dal+- Cat; J-doll- Via Monte Napoleone; Ai Doll- Almond

June 2009-
Pullip- Angelique; Dal- Erenfried; Taeyang- Rayne; Little Pullip+ – Sea Police Mariyn; Little Dal+- Jack; J-doll- Vasterlanggatan; Ai Doll- English Ivy

July 2009-
Pullips- Mir & Lala; Dal- Puki; Little Pullip+ – Bohso; Little Dal+ – Neiryo; J-doll- Lavalle; Ai Doll- Marigold

August 2009-
Pullips- Sfoglia, Sala & Sola; Dal- Maretti; Byul- Cocotte; Little Pullip+ – Miss Green; Silver Ranger; J-doll- Rue de Charonne; Ai doll- Ginger

September 2009-
Pullip- Princess Ann; Dal- Ciel Robin Version; Taeyang- Sebastian Private Teacher Version; Little Pullip+ – Black Diamond; Little Dal+ – Pearl; J-doll- Robson Street; Ai Doll- Iris

October 2009-
Pullip- Peter Pan; Dal- Tinkerbell; Taeyang- Captain Hook; Byul- Tigerlily; Little Pullip+ – Moon Stone; Little Dal+- Onyx; J-doll- Reforma; Ai Doll: Lemon

November 2009-
Pullip- Naomi; Dal- Edge; Taeyang- Richt; Little Pullip+ – Libra; Little Dal+ – Pisces; J-doll- Rue de Belleville; Ai Doll- Gloxinia

December 2009-
Pullip- Aya; Dals- Sakura & Chanti; Byul- Maya; Little Pullip+ – Aquel; Little Dal+ – Coral; J-doll- Andrassy Avenue; Ai Doll- Karin

January 2010-
Pullip- Elisabeth; Dal- Ende; Taeyang- Nosferatu; Little Pullip+ – Virgo; Little Dal+ – Ariea; J-doll- Spitalgrasse; Ai Doll- Baccara

Febuary 2010-
Pullip- Chelsea; Dal- Phoebe; Taeyang- Kain; Little Pullip+ – Vivi; Little Dal+ – Janice; J-doll- De Martini; Ai Doll- Larkspur

March 2010-
Pullip- Sabrina; Dal- Pinnochio; Byul- Dumbo; Little Pullip+ – Craziia; Little Dal+ – Jouet; J-doll- Galeries St-Hubert; Ai Doll- Vinca

April 2010-
Pullip- Shan-ria; Dal- Tina; Byul- Siry; Little Pullip+ – Miki; Little Dal+ – Iena; J-doll- Rambra; Ai Doll- Clover;

May 2010-
Pullip- Saras; Dal- Satti; Teayang- Wati; Little Pullip+ – Aquarius; Little Dal+ – Capricorunus; J-doll- Abbot Street; Ai Doll- Caladium

June 2010-
Pullip- Eos LE2000; Dal- Lucia; Byuls- Paulia & Lilith LE 300; Little Pullip+ – Rovam; Little Dal+ – Drta; J-doll- Promenade des Anglais; Ai Doll- Cymbidium

July 2010-
Pullip- Tiphona; Dal Clair; Byul- Hermine; Little Pullip+ – Phonetika; Little Dal+ – Meena; J-doll- Mohave Street; Ai Doll- King Protea

August 2010-
Pullips- Melissa & Bonita LE1500; Dal- Kanta; Taeyang- Gyro LE2000; Little Pullip+ – Hime Yuri; Little Dal+- Nadeshiko; J-doll- Friedrichstrasse; Ai Doll- Zinnia

September 2010-
Pullip- Ddalgi; Dal- Dotori; Taeyang- Wayne; Little Dals+ – Sona & Xi-ming; J-doll- Kongingslign; Ai Doll- Lobelia

October 2010-
Pullip- Lunatic Queen; Dal- Lunatic Alice; Byul- Humpty Dumpty; Taeyang- Lunatic White Rabbit; Little Pullip+ – Hipopo; Little Dal+ – Penpen; J-doll- Sunset Blvd; Ai Doll- Phylica

November 2010-
Pullip- Amari; Dal- Vintage Rock Risa & Sweet Risa LE; Byul Rhiannon LE2000; Little Pullip+ – Noir; Little Dal+ – Rot-chan; J-doll- Carrer de Montacadal; Ai Doll- Nierembergia

December 2010-
Pullips- Akemi, Clara & Chloi; Dal- Katoya; Taeyang- Arashi; Little Pullip+ – Princess Rose; Little Dal+ – Princess Tulip; J-doll- St Sauveur; Ai Doll- Azalea

January 2011-
Pullip- Ludmila; Dal Darony; Byul Matulite; Little Pullip+ – Madam Raccoon; Little Dal+ – Lady Vixy; J-doll- Unter den Linden; Ai Doll- Plum

February 2011-
Pullip- Jaldet; Dal- Ra Muw LE2000; Taeyang- Raiki; Isul- Apollo; Little Pullip+ – Seine; Little Dal+ – George; J-doll- Karl Johans Gate; Ai Doll- Torenia;

March 2011-
Pullip- Prupate; Dal- Joujou; Byul- Sucre; Isuls- Jimmy X, Duke & Hamilton; Little Pullip+ – Luce; Little Dal+ – Lepupu; J-doll- Via Appia; Ai Doll- Primula;

April 2011-
Pullip- Miku; Dals- Rin & Len; Taeyangs- Seikema-II LE50 Set: Demon Korgure, Xenon Ishikawa, Sgt. Luke Takamura III; Raiden Yuzawa & Jail O’ Hashi; Little Pullip+ – Mir; Little Dal+ – Tina; J-doll- Stephen Avenue Walk; Ai Doll- Strawberry Candle

May 2011-
Pullips- Henri, Yuki (poster version) LE300 & Yuki (film version); Dal- Charlemagne; Byul- Leroy; Taeyang- Alfred; Isul- Veselle; Little Pullip+ – Stica; Little Dal+ – Puki; J-doll- Piazza Cavalli; Ai doll- Madonna Lily

June 2011-
Pullips- Date & Snow Miku; Dal- Sanada; Byul- Sarutobi; Taeyang- Chosokabe; Isul- Mouri; J-doll- Aiguo East Road; Ai Doll- Black Berry

July 2011-
Pullips- Romantic Alice Blue, Catwoman SDCC LE 400, Batgirl SDCC LE400; Catwoman WF LE400 & Batgirl WF LE400; Byul- Romantic Queen; Taeyang- Romantic King; DoColla- Sebastian, Ciel & Grell; J-doll- Nerudova ulice; Ai Doll- Leonotis

August 2011-
Pullip- Bloody Red Hood & Bloody Red Hood Lolii Version LE; Dal- Hello Little Girl; Isul- MAO; Little Pullip+- Bonita; Docolla- Panty & Stocking; J-doll- Loosterweg Noord; Pang-ju- Rambu Pang; Ai Doll- Petunia

September 2011-
Pullips- Luka & Banshee LE; Dal- Gloomy; Taeyang- Kaito; Isul- Sith; J-doll- Artemis; Ai Doll- Apple Blossom

October 2011-
Pullips- Yomi & Romantic Alice Pink LE; Dal- Romantic White Rabbit; Taeyang- Valko; Isul- Romantic King; Pang-ju- Campbell-pang; Ai Doll- Blue Elfin

November 2011-
Pullips- Homura, Mami, LOL Miku LE; Dal- Madoka; Isul- Tete; Docolla- Ika Musume, Gachapin & Mukku; J-doll- Rua Garrett; Ai Doll- Holly

December 2011-
Pullip- Nella; Byul- Pinoko; Taeyang- Black Jack; Isul- Johan; Docolla- Creamy Mami, Kenshin & Chacha; Pang-ju- Peach-pang; Ai Doll- Peony

January 2012-
Pullip- Yona; Dal- Dalcumi; Byul- Secumi; Taeyang- Hide; Docolla- Kyuubey Sashas- Lala & Kiki; Ai Doll- Aquilegria

February 2012-
Pullip- Seila; Byul- Paradis; Taeyangs- Willy Wonka & NatSume; Docolla- Oompa Loompa ; Ai Doll- Zephyr

March 2012-
Pullips- Victorique, Regeneration: Fanatica, Regeneration: Fantastic Alice, Si-Anna LE & Oui’Vera LE; Dal- DeLorean; Byul- Stefie; Isul- Kazuya; Sasha- Pippin; Ai Doll- Red Poppy; Pang-ju- Pome-pang

April 2012-
Pullips- Alice du Jardin, Regeneration Anne & Regeneration Moon; Dal- Galla; Isul- White Rabbit du Jardin; J-doll- Ermou Street ; Pang-ju- Jambu-prang

May 2012-
Pullips- Kiyomi, Meiko & Regeneration Noir; Dal- Macaron Heart; Taeyangs- Hide Doubt & Hide Doubt LE; Isul- Midnight Deja Vu; Ai Doll- Moss Rose

June 2012-
Pullips- Pulliphine IX, Regeneration Paja & Kiddyland Kiyomi LE; Byul- Cheshire Cat; Taeyang- Taeyangfold VI; Docolla- Miku; Sasha- Cecil

July 2012-
Pullips- Merl & Wonder Woman SDCC LE; Dal- Chenille du Jardin; Taeyang- Batman SDCC LE; Isul- Lir; Pang-ju- Coco-pang

August 2012-
Pullips- Galene & Regeneration Principessa; Dal- Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary Version; Isul- Hedner; Sasha- Nuna

September 2012-
Pullips- Yuri, Alice du Jardin Mint, Froggy LE400, Ririko LE; Byul- Cordelia; Little Dal- Hello Kitty Baby; Ai Doll- Bluebell
A LE500 version of Ririko Pullip & Kozue Dal from Helter Skelter were announced for this month but their release remains unconfirmed (no owner photos, no news, no sales)

October 2012-
Pullips- Snow White & Harley Quinn LE; Dals- Sentimental Noon & Jouet Anniversary, Taeyang- Mad Hatter du Jardin; J-doll- La Rue de Rivoli

November 2012-
Pullips- Fraulein & Midnight Velvet; Dal- Kleine; Isul- Akira; Pang-ju- Cranberry-pang

December 2012-
Pullips- Nella Retro Version, Aurora, Nanette LE, Rche LE, Sapphire Princess LE, Luna, Pere Noel LE, My Select Ddalgi, My Select Merl & My Select; My Select Regen. Paja; Isuls- Helios & Johan Retro Version; Taeyang- Pluto; Little Pullip+ – Ruhe, Little Dal+ – Cinnamoroll Baby; J-doll- Burgenstrasse

January 2013-
Pullips- Karen & Francoise Arnoul; Dal- Princess Pinky; Byul- Minty; Isul- Nekoneko Mao; Little Byul+- My Melody Baby; Ai Doll-Tsubuki; Sasha- Lumina

February 2013-
Pullip- Princess Rosalind; Dal- Ange; Taeyangs- Gackt & Twilight Destiny; Isul- Akito; Yeolume- Podo; Little Dal+- Princess Pinky; Little Byul+- Princess Mintyy

March 2013-
Pullips- Classical White Rabbit & Merl Nostalgia version; Dal- Classical Alice; Isuls- Classical Mad Hatter & Lir Nostalgia Version; Little Pullip Princess Rosalind; Sasha- Wizy; Pang-ju- Japonica-Pang

April 2013-
Pullips- Girl with a Pearl Earring & Milk Latte; Dal- Natalie; Isul- Milk Tea; Little Pullip- Nanette; Little Dal- Taurus; Sasha- Sorc

May 2013-
Pullips- Classical Alice, Marie Antoinette & Oscar; Taeyang- Andre; Little Pullip- Romantic Alice; Ai Doll- Camelia

June 2013-
Pullips- Wilhelmenia, Hortense & Violette; Dal- Lyla; Taeyangs- Hitsuji LE500, Sakito LE500; Ni-ya LE500; Ruka LE500; Isuls- Light & Yomi LE500; Little Dal+ – Romantic White Rabbit; J-doll- Petit Champlain

July 2013-
Pullips- Dahlia Cinderella & Supergirl LE; Dal- Icarus; Byuls- Moirai & Clorinda; Isul- Light; Little Byul+ – Garcon; Pang-ju- Cherry-Pang

August 2013-
Pullips- Io & Ally LE, Dal- Loa; Taeyangs- Valko, Garo LE & Kishi Zero

J-doll Provence & Little Taeyang Romantic Mad Hatter were announced for this month but later canceled. Yeolume Black Berry was announced for this month but appears to have been delayed.

September 2013-
Pullips- Eloise, Myra LE300, My Select Melissa & My Select Paja (re-release); Dal- My Select Frara, Taeyang- Ethan; Little Pullip Romantic Pink Alice; Pang-ju- Cookie-Pang

October 2013-
Pullips- Akemi & Kuhn, Isul- Cedric; Pang-ju- Milk-Pang

November 2013-
Pullips Hino & Hannah LE; Dal- Heiwa


Please note- I was unable to find conclusive evidence as to the exact release date of the first two Hestia releases: Tachimachizukinoyoru & Mangetunoyoru. They seem to have been released some time in very late 2005/early 2006.

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