Ai Doll Face Up Index (Partial)

I do not intend to collect all of the different Ai Doll releases so this index is likely to remain incomplete but I figured that I should collect the face up photos that I do have in one place for easy reference. For more information about or photos of Ai Dolls please see the release list and the Ai Doll FAQ.

Ai Doll Rhodanthe Model- Rhodanthe

Ai Coreopsis face up Model- Coreopsis

Bee BalmModel- Bee Balm

Ai Doll Face Sculpt 3 Model- Gloxinia

Face Sculpt 2 Model- Madonna Lily

Zephyr Face UpModel- Zephyr

Ai Doll Face Sculpt 1 Model- Red Poppy

Tsubaki face upModel- Tsubaki

Camellia face upModel-Camellia

If you have an Ai Doll not featured here already and would like to contribute a photo please email me at pullipsandjunk @